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Decorative Concrete Inc. has been serving the metroplex since 1992. We are concrete coating and restoration specialists. We offer an array of coatings for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We are committed to provide you with quality and service. Call Us at: 817.439.9300.

We are committed to provide you with quality and service. We service Texas and the surrounding states. We offer free estimates and are fully insured.

Consulting services are also available.

Acid Stains
Our acid base and mineral salt solution applied to concrete to achieve various colors and hues, normally stains are variegated in appearance and are not consistent, hence, the old world affect.  Most surfaces can be sealed to preserve the color.  Gloss or semi-gloss finish available.
Stain Color Chart

Polished Concrete and Surface Prep
Polished concrete is a popular alternative to other flooring materials because of several significant factors: lower maintenance, aesthetics, durability and ultimately, lower total cost.

Concrete has long been known for its durability and cost efficiency. With the latest technology, homeowners, business owners and manufacturers are finding they can exploit these advantages of concrete in their floor along with many other benefits.

Polished concrete’s superior durability and low maintenance have made it an exceptional finish for retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing plants, office facilities, schools and churches. In addition, homeowners are selecting these smooth, high-sheen floors that imitate the look of high priced stone such as granite and marble.

Polished concrete floors are remarkable in appearance. The ability to expose the aggregate in the concrete reveals a look of stone. There are a variety of colors available to stain the polished floor. There are also numerous levels of sheen depending on the degree of reflectivity and shine that is desired. In addition to the shine and exposed aggregate, there are endless ways to customize your polished concrete floors with artistic enhancements, such as a logo or name.

Polished concrete floors are very cost effective. With a polished floor, the replacement of worn out flooring becomes a thing of the past. They are ground, densified and sealed to be foot traffic-friendly as well as resistant to spills of liquids and oils alike.

Maintenance on a polished floor is minimal, which ultimately reduces costs associated with keeping floors clean, durable and reflective of the sparkling environment you possess.

Garage Coatings
All garage floor coatings and shop floors are first ground for prep as well as etched and degreased. 
First, is a solvent based stain sealer in a multi colored application which is durable and stain resistant. 
Second is epoxy coatings, which are available in many styles and colors and can include vinyl chips, metallic chips and or the reflectors or single colored epoxy. We use only 100% epoxy coatings!  We also recommend urethane top coats for all epoxy coatings.

Standard – this is a two step process polymer cement coating that are designed to go over new or existing concrete.  It has a splatter drag texture, making it cool and non-skid which is excellent for pool decks.  It can also be used for existing patios and sidewalks and is available in a wide range of colors. Spraydeck is a great application for resurfacing old pool deck or aggregate pool decks as well.
Spray Deck Color Chart

Texturecrete – spraydeck applied with hand taped patterns or stencils.

Multicolor – spraydeck with the aggregate look, which is typically a 3 color application.
All Spraydeck applications are typically used on, but not limited to pool decks.  Advantages – cool, non-skid, easy to repair, and stain resistant.

Stamped Overlays
A Stamped Overlay is a polymer cement typically 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch in thickness, applied over existing concrete then imprinted or stamped to desired pattern.  Then the overlay is antiqued to create a bicolor product.  Final coat consist of clear seal with a non-skid additive.

Patterns – flagstone (random carved), ashler slate, slate skin, and other patterns are available.
Some of the more popular areas recommended, but not limited to, would be pool decks, patios, porches, sidewalks and driveways.

Limestone is a hand troweled limestone overlay that is applied over a multitude of cementious Substrates.  It is then hand carved to desired pattern. Next step is coloration which is applied by hand and sponged into product.  Grout joints can then be filled or hand colored to desired finish with final step being sealant applied to the product. This is a non-skid finish and semi cool surface typically 1/4 to 3/8 inch thickness in an array of patterns and color choices. This product is a good application for new construction or remodeling. Limestone is a perfect solution for resurfacing walkways, driveways, pool decks, and patios.

Interior Flooring
DCI also offers interior concrete flooring. Options include grinding and sealing, epoxies, urethanes, metallic pigments, architectural floors, stains, dyes and polish. Contact us to see what might be a good solutions for you.

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